Avengers’ Addiction: a Review of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Did you notice us?

I’ve been on ice for a while, but I’m back to talk about one of my latest obsessions: all them Marvel superhero movies.  In case you’re not sure what Marvel is, it’s a comic book company.  About ten years ago, they decided to turn these comics into movies, at least two of the suckers a year usually, with moderate (bazillions of dollars) success.

There are two big companies of comic books: D.C. and Marvel.  When I was a little girl, my big brother used to read his D.C. comic books to me and I loved them.  I could read by then, but he had the best voices.  D.C. comics include superheroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Krypto the Super Dog (really).  Most people know these superheroes whether they’ve ever seen a comic or not.

The wonder, the majesty . . . the Superdog!

So Marvel was new to me, and while D.C. booted and rebooted movies to varying success, you didn’t hear that much of Marvel.  Then Disney got them, and no one brands crap like Disney does.  Some people were worried about what Disney would do with this franchise, just as they now worry about their recent acquisition of Fox.  That’s the Fox network, not Fox and Friends, though I would love to see Mickey and Donald delivering angry reports of “fake news” in the Disney kingdom with their squeaky voices.

In the case of Marvel, the tale of the Avengers, a super hero team, worked out very well.  I know many people think superhero movies are just about hypogonadal (fun word!) sexist men, scantily clad girls with the power of baking, and lots and lots of explosions for no good reason.  I’ll have you know there is more than that in these movies.  Yeah there are muscle bound men.  Very nice-looking, muscle-bound guys who sometimes feel the need to take off their shirts, because those things are tight.  I’m not opposed to this.  And of the few women there is one who lets her zipper slide on her skin tight uniform, but like, she’s a SPY, so it’s part of the job.

black widow hawkeye
Dude, stop spying my boobs.

As far as explosions – okay you’ve got me there.  And there’s bad guys to fight, though in the mean time they are really good at fighting with each other.  That is part of the fun of these movies.  There is a lot of humor, and the kind of bickering you’d expect from a team of super powered egos trying to just get along and play nice.   Yet there’s not so much humor that it takes away from the actual drama you can find – wait, I’m serious.  There is realism to be found in the heroes of fantasy.  They have actual character, they grow and change, make and break friendships and romances, and even have family members, including two with children.  The Marvel Cinematic Universe, as it is dramatically called, makes you identify with these people, because under all the bizarre super powers, freaky armor, and spandex, these are people.

The movies started back in 2008 with Iron Man.  Some might think it’s a lot of repeat drivel, but over the past ten years Marvel has created a story arc lasting ten years and 19 movies, connecting each movie, and culminating in the recent Infinity War.  That’s pretty impressive.  I’ve been re-watching the movies, and it makes even more sense when you have fresh perspective on each one. Yeah, I said “makes sense” regarding superhero movies.  Maybe I’ve seen too many.  Nah.

rdjr eye roll

The writing is good, the actors have amazing chemistry with one another, and best of all, while they seek to tell greater truths none of the movies take themselves too seriously, with characters sometimes relating the weirdness of the entire thing within the movie.  So I’ve blathered on enough about my love of super heroes.  Stay tuned for reviews of each movie, complete with my usual snark. For while I love these movies, I do recognize the silliness of them too, and it’s too much fun not to talk about the movies, as well as the massive amount of Avengers merchandise I may have purchased some of, for the sake of the blog, guys.

So strap on your armor and straighten your capes, we’re gonna dive into Superville.

~ Alice


9 thoughts on “Avengers’ Addiction: a Review of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

  1. My friend and I go to see each one as they come out. Though I didn’t see Infinity War so I’m looking forward to the Blu-ray release. My favourite character is Black Widow, of course 🙂
    Funnily enough, though I love the Marvel films, one of my favourite superhero films is Wonder Woman. She’s badass 🙂 I say “one of” as Thor Ragnarok is extremely good (and funny).


    1. I love Black Widow too, especially how she can fly out of an exploding building and not even break a heel! She’s awesome. My favorite character is Iron Man, because he’s handsome and stable and everything.

      The girls and I liked Wonder Woman too. That’s the first DC movie that’s been a huge hit in a while. And we’ve watched Thor Ragnarok I’m not sure how many times, because yes it is hilarious. “He’s a friend from work!”

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  2. I just watched Thor Ragnarok, and honestly, the best parts of the movie were whatever happened between the fight/chase scenes. The fight scenes were okay, but after so many superhero movies they get a little repetitive.


    1. That’s so true! Any movie can have fight scenes, but I love the humor and actual storytelling in between those scenes. What a concept, eh?


  3. I’ve never been a fan of this sort of stuff, I liked the old Superman films and Batman but other than that, I do struggle. I was Thor Ragnarok as my mate wanted to see it and I got free tickets working at the cinema at the time. It was alright, it passed some time. I’m a crotchety old man.


    1. My favorite Batman is the one with Micheal Keaton. Love that one. In the most recent Spiderman, he plays the villain, which is fun.

      Thor: Ragnorak is a lot of fun, but if you want more depth and drama in your movie, you should try the Iron Man and Captain America Movies, as well as the Avengers, etc. These have a great deal of character development and emotional moments, as well as some humor and fight scenes.

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