Marvel Movie Reviews: The Props

In order to review a movie like I’m gonna review a movie (really!) it helps to have images.  I often get these from Google – the ones with no copyright protection of course – as far as I know.  My kids and I have also acted out weird stuff with dolls.  So it just seemed natural to try to combine it all.  Wait, don’t go yet.

First off, there are the pictures.  It’s possible my Pinterest has one or two of these photos.

robert downey jr
Robert Downey, Jr.

He is definitely the very best movie prop.  Oh, but there’s more.

My Things and I recently discovered some intricately painted little figures to represent the Marvel universe characters.  The likenesses are astounding.

Pin mates cap and iron man
They’re spectacular!

You might be thinking these guys look just a little like the Fisher Price Little People from back in the 60’s, 70’s, etc.  These are COLLECTIBLES, though, made by Bif Bang Pow (the company) and called pin mates.  As you can see from the box only those 14 and up are recommended to play with them.  Which makes total sense to me.  Luckily we are old enough – physically anyway.  At least we have never put them in our mouths.

The two represented are Captain America and Iron Man as played by Chris Evans and Robert Downey, Jr.  If you squint a little.  And forget that they have no movable arms or discernible legs.  You have to admit that the goatee is pretty awesome.  Naturally I had to get these guys, along with quite a few other super hero pegs as you can get them for very cheap if you frequent Amazon more than you should.

They didn’t make enough to represent ALL the characters, though, so we had to improvise.  Now when some people see these cute wooden peg dolls, they might think of the charming little families they could make with them.

doll army
We saw an ARMY!

So we got some of those in order to make some left out characters, as well as possible cannon fodder for the many battles.  There is also a wooden plane from Walmart Thing Two assembled and painted- only the best for these reviews.

Luckily we have some old props to use for important buildings, as well as a new one.  This one’s made totally out of sturdy paper, but you’d never know it.

iron man papercraft
It’s like being in Iron Man the movie!

Seen here is the workshop for Iron Man, which reverses to make his swanky apartment!  Also there are box headed robots.  They seem to have forgotten the stock of alcohol in the apartment, but we’ll let that go.

As far as explosions, you’ll just never guess how we accomplish those.  We’re getting firecrackers and matches ready.  Stay tuned!

~ Alice




6 thoughts on “Marvel Movie Reviews: The Props

  1. I want to see your painted peg people! Remember, in any low budget production, it is appropriate to cast people you know as extras and in bit parts.


    1. Low budget production? I’ll have you know we may even go on location. Like to the backyard or even the sidewalk! 😀

      I would cast myself as Iron Man’s girlfriend, but there’s that whole size difference what with Iron Man being a peg.


  2. It’s an apartment, it’s his workshop. That’s clever! I’m a bit worried about the tiny peg people at the front. They’re not going into battle are they? I’m sure they’re supposed to be kiddies.

    Comparing peg man “collectable” iron man’s face fuzz to Robert Downey Jr’s, they’re completely identical. That’s pretty good attention to detail.

    In short, your film is ready to go! Looking forward to the production 🙂 I hope there will be DVD extras so we can see how you create the magic!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Extras? You bet! We’re working on those behind those scenes right now! And we hope they are as epic as those peg people, my friend.

      We’ve also added all new fabulous props, like cotton balls! This is Iron Man as you have never seen it before, for sure.

      Liked by 1 person

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