Alice Reviews Lots of Crap

Hi ho, Alice here and I’m ready for some good old bashing reviewing of just about anything.  Over the years, in my first blog, I reviewed songs and videos, children’s TV, Disney movies, Game of Thrones, horrible books especially 50 Shades of . . . Grey, and even offered my fabulous opinions on products you should definitely not get your child, or anyone else, for various holidays.

I also wrote about all other sorts of things in my life, but I’m trying to narrow that just a bit to what I feel I do best: review and complain about the works of others.  It’s like deciding on the career of career counselor because you can’t think of anything else to do.  I plan to do my best to critique all entertainment, including politics of course, for your benefit.  You’re welcome.

Who didn’t just love those wacky debates?

There are few things I won’t subjugate myself to, dear readers.  I am willing to review almost anything.  I say “almost” because there is the possibility that something is worse than 50 Shades, though I have yet to find it.  I plan to add some old reviews in with my new ones.  If you’re a new reader, you won’t know, and if you came from my retired blog, you’ve probably forgotten, so win-win.

You can only hope to forget these books.

As far as new reviews go, I invite your suggestions.  Do you want to know if those bizarre mask things women put on their faces – not like superhero masks, but charcoal and honey and unicorn dust made into a thick paste designed to clear out your pores – really do anything?  Is there a movie, book, T.V. show, meme, youtube clip, political debate, fictional or not you’d like to know more about?  I specialize in the truly awful, but don’t mind dipping into the good things, because even good things have some delightful goofiness to them.

Possible topics: Marvel movies, wacky songs and videos, new and classic books (the more irritating or dumber the better), Star Wars movies new and old, Disney films, Lifetime movies, anything from T.L.C., Game of Thrones (I do need to catch up on that), teen dramas, 50 Shades movies (God help me), P.B.S. (whether penguins or those charming kiddie shows that make you want to screw a nail into your ear), and the many promising products out there that are sure to change your life.  Like this one.

weird toys1 egg baby
I love how uneasy the fish looks


Just let me know.  And meanwhile, sit back, relax, and (I hope) enjoy.


I like to review from my blanket fort.